Petite Cakes

All cake specialties are exclusively 6″ in our Petite Collection. Special size orders are always welcome.

Cake varieties include;

Vanilla- A dense, sweet, vanilla ‘hot milk cake’. Perfect for additional flavor additions such as Lemon and Coconut.                                                                                                                           Cake

Double Chocolate- Sweet and delicate with rich chocolate flavor. Paired with chocolate ganash or silky chocolate buttercream.                                                                                          cake2

Classic Vanilla- Moist cake with the perfect crumb! The very best traditional rich vanilla flavor. Combine with any of our delectable buttercream frostings.

Carrot- Your new favorite carrot cake! Perfectly spiced and flavored carrot cake with a tangy, sweetened cream cheese frosting.                                                                                            carrot

Cheesecake– Rich and elegant cheesecake with a sweetened graham cracker crust. Toppings are raspberry, blueberry or fresh fruit.                                                                   cake4cheesecake mini

Red Velvet- Made into a beautiful bundt or traditional style cake. Our Red velvet is moist and wonderfully flavored, paired with chocolate ganash or rich cream cheese frosting.cake3red velvet


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